Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bringing Her Home

Friday, October 26, 2007

After a great conversation with the owner, 92 year old Lyle and his 91 year old wife, we paid for and brought home our bus. We pulled up in front of the house and I ran in to get the kids. At first, our daughter was NOT very excited. Our 3rd son, on the other hand, could barely contain his enthusiasm.

By the time we started rolling on our trial run she was warming up to the idea. Son #1 and Son #2 immediately went straight to the back where it’s rumored that all the cool people sit. Our youngest flitted from seat to seat because he could.

We swung by and picked up a few friends.

Then, with the help of the neighbor, Matt backed her into the driveway....

...Where she just fits.


Lynn J said...

Wow, intersting blog. What are you planning on doing with the bus? I can see there are endless possibilities. Do you want our old couch to put in it? Are you going to drive us all over on family vacations? Is Hayden going to move out there and call it his "batchelor pad"? Are you starting up a charter bus company? Did your van die? How many MPG does it get? How do you get a license for that thing?
See the questions this raises?

Auntie Lynn

Anonymous said...

well i just read the newest post and well it has come a long way parker