Friday, October 10, 2008

One Of Those Days

Yesterday, I was trying to change the atmosphere of my household by foregoing the usual routine. I would like to see something other than blood and broken bones craziness and chaos, if only for a moment. After breakfast, instead of starting the school day off with Whining Math, I decided it would be fun if we played a game instead. My favorite game, Quiddler.

With all the kids tied to at the table and Canon in D playing over and over on the iPod, we started. They say music tames the savage beast. I was willing, at this point, to try anything . Many times I had to tell them to knock it off! "Please straighten the tablecloth", UGH! "Please be nice to your brother.", Hands off! "Let's be encouraging instead of critical." Civility can be learned, yes?

We talked about this being played at several weddings I have attended and then I shared with them the music that I walked down the aisle to. Trumpet Voluntary. We listened to a snippet of that from iTunes before continuing with our game.

Hailey was dreamily planning her wedding concentrating on the hand she was dealt. At one point in the piece she interjected "...And this is where I will start walking down the aisle!" then added wistfully, "I'll have flutes and violins."

Sam looked at her with unbelieving eyes "Flutes and violence.....sweeeeeet!"

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That, my dear, is very funny!