Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm not perfect, nor do I expect perfection from others. I do, however, expect people to use common sense. Always.

Making good choices is so important. Knowing when you haven't and making amends runs a close second.

Just think of how many laws/rules have been put in place to protect us from people who make it a habit of making bad choices and/or not admitting their mistakes.

I've decided to create a new label on my blog ...DUH! Here I will document what I find ridiculous. Myself and my own family will not be excluded from scrutiny.

Installment #1

Recently, at my daughter's volleyball game I witnessed this.
I know, it's a little blurry. I didn't have my camera, just my cell phone (bad choice...forgive me?) How's this? A little better?
I just wanted to smack them! I knew that would not be a good choice, so I didn't.
Throughout the day people hung out in front of these signs. There wasn't only one, there were many, taped every 3 feet or so.


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