Monday, September 29, 2008

Poison Ivy

We've got poison ivy.

I'm sure we encountered it as we were traipsing in the woods last week while camping.

As soon as I noticed the blisters on Sam last night, I got out the "Ivy Dry" and splashed it on. The poor guy woke up at 2am feeling like he wanted to peel his skin off.

At 2am, I dug through the medicine cabinet and couldn't find any Benedryl. None that wasn't expired anyway.

Desperately, I Googled poison ivy to find relief. Something that would not require a trip to the store. Or require us to be up for hours soaking in the tub...He was just as tired as I was, and a nice warm bath would have been torture to stay awake in.

One little solitary comment on one of the websites mentioned tape, scotch tape. I've got that. Plenty in fact.

With Sam standing on the kitchen chair, I plastered all his spots with strips of tape.

Within 5 minutes he was asleep. Me, it took awhile. Thanks for asking.

This morning he woke up less itchy and some of the oozey, itchy, blistery boils were already gone!

I will run to the store today for Benedryl, I promise, but in the meantime...Scotch tape it is!

Do you have an amazing remedy? For poison ivy or anything else, I'd love to hear it...Just in case I'm ever up at 2am again wondering how to cure it.


Mrs. B said...

Duct tape for warts.

I thought it was a joke, until my son (who HAS warts) was at the doctor's office, and the doctor confirmed that it really does work!

Karen said...

My husband uses Duct Tape to get rid of warts. Crazy, I know, but he says it works.

Karen C

Anonymous said...

i know how to get rid of a sliver put elmer's glue over it. NOT from a glue stick