Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Everyone Has A Gift

Mine happens to be busy-work. Or form-making.

Yesterday, I created some spreadsheet forms for recording gas mileage and maintenance for the bus. I was just going to print them out for a binder but just then I felt a jolt of creativity, something I don't experience much anymore.

I made a "mock up" of a cute little booklet out of scrap paper I had laying around. Just to get the feel for what I would need before I cut into real decorative paper. And then I headed to the fabric/craft store. My old hangout. Me and Joann, we go way back.

This is what I came home with. Well, actually, I came home with the papers and a really ugly journal. What you see before you is them all put together

I'd like to say I've still got it, but judging from the 2 hours of meandering through JoAnn's Fabrics with a glazed over look in my eyes, I think I realized that I lost that part of me somewhere between kid #5 and homeschooling. I ended up with a prepackaged bundle of sitckers, ribbons, papers and ideas.

I used to love scrapbooking. Way back when. When I had time to think. When I had time to, well, just basically, had time.

We plan to keep a detailed journal of what we do while we're away in the bus.

And I plan on keeping meticulous records of our mileage and maintenance. I thought this might make spending thousands of dollars for fuel a little more pleasant.
Behind the forms are pockets for...I dunno, reciepts?

I was also looking for fabric for our bathroom and bedroom "doors". I could have just bought a shower curtain but was still feeling that surge of creativity, so I hunted for the perfect fabric.

I came home with bleached white muslin.

I told you I've lost it.

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