Saturday, September 6, 2008

Only the Strong Survive.

A great day for football, don't you think?

Griffin had his first game on Saturday. We all brought our chairs and lined up on the sidelines ready to watch. On the opening kick off, Griffin, number 65, was leveled by the man he was assigned to block. I mean knocked backwards, on his backside, about 2 feet. This boy was HUGE. And considering Griffin was running at him with all his 88 pounds at full force this guy must have been a rock.

Nothing like starting your career with a hit like that.

My bottom didn't grace the chair again until the game was over, I was not expecting it to be so entertaining, so exciting, or so painful to watch my boy do what he loves.

Did I tell you all that I made him wait until 5th grade to play? Hayden was able to play in 4th grade, so that extra year was torture for him. Plus, he's old for his grade and Hayden was young, so he waited even LONGER.

In boy years, that's forever.

Here he is taking direction form Coach Dudley and Coach Mckenzie. These men are incredible.

Early in the game Griffin got his hands on the ball for this running play, but did not gain any yardage. Once again, I felt every hit directly in my uterus. Can anyone explain that to me?

Its hard to believe that only a month ago this 3 point stance was as difficult to do for him as it would be for me to touch my toes to my head. Now, he looks completely poised and balanced. When they were learning this particular posture the coaches used to be able to walk by and push them over with hardly any effort at all.

I don't know where he is in this picture, I just thought it was cool.

Here they are milling about at half time

But come game time, he was all business, he wouldn't even look at us as he walked by.

I believe he is blocking The Rock here. Look at the size of him. At least 5 times bigger, don't you think? This is the only picture we got with his buddy Parker in it. He also had a great time at the game.

Griffin's stats for the game included 1.5 sacks of which he'll be glowing about for days.

They won 16 to 0.

After the team huddle, these boys snuck off to perform a ritual which backfired on them, as they were no match for....

...Coach McKenzie.

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