Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life Through The Eyes Of A 4 Year Old Photographer Part 2

This next batch of images is a little more random than the first. I call this series Piles.

The start (and probably end...) of our 1000 paper cranes school project.

My ink refill supplies.

My paper recycling basket
Next in the series we'll explore My Favorite Things.

Griffin's Silly Putty. (Oh what fun a dollar can bring)

Current favorite book.

Netflix movie.

Yellow car

Yellow car different background. (Honest, that's all construction dust!)


Nerf Shooter with Whistling darts and Indiana Jones hat

Self portrait #1

Self portrait #2
He asks now before he takes the camera. I let him but usually have one of the big kids follow him around.

All his pictures are special as I get a glimpse inside his little head, but this first batch, taken on his own, without my knowledge, with innocence and no preconceptions of what's appropriate or what will make us laugh will always mean a little more to me.


Anonymous said...

okay, so everyday (atleast once) I check your blog because I love to read it and "see" your family. That drought there for a while was really long for me!!! These past few have been really fun becuase you do the blogging he is the photographer. It is neat (as you said) to see the world through the eyes of a little. Happy day.

Anonymous said...

ohh how cute!

Anonymous said...

so far from where you've been when's the next bus blog