Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Psst...Come Closer

I'm whispering.

They're here early. I feel like locking the door and pretending I'm not home. I have to get dressed now. I missed my opportunity for a shower. Do you think they'd really know I am home?

I know, it'll look so nice when it's all done but I feel a little on the cranky side this morning. Probably because of the rain at the soccer game last night. Just enough to get wet.

Oh, but wait. Did you see that rainbow?!?! Double. From the game I was at we could see the whole arc. Both of them! It was amazing but I didn't have my camera.

I feel better now, thanks for reminding me of the beauty amidst the yuck of life.

C'mon in, I think I'll make some cookies.


Anonymous said...

We were in that same rain last night. The rainbows were amazing. The bottom one was soooo bright and brilliant. Isn't amazing how He reminds us of his promis.
It will all be done soon and you will have lived through the remodle and be loving every moment of it.
By the way, I had to laugh... I read your post (and I know how early you rise) and was thinking what contractors come before six am.... seven, early?!?
Happy day,

Anonymous said...

there wasn't much rain when i played softball last night but i loved the double rainbow it was so cool Azure

Anonymous said...

can i have some cockies mrs B. parker