Monday, November 16, 2009

Feeling Nostalgic

This weekend I finished retrieving the thumbnail photos stored on my iPod. 5 years of pictures that we thought we had lost when our computer crashed in March. Now begins the long task of re-dating them. The world will not be right until I do so. Thankfully, so far anyway, the date is still emblazoned on them. Sometimes though, because the pictures (thumbnails) are so small, it's hard to read it. I've been able to figure it out through context, a calendar and jogging the kids memories. I know at one point I removed that setting on my camera, that's when the fun will begin.

My feelings of nostalgia are evident and the snag in my stomach raw when I realize how blessed I am to have a family that's together, healthy and happy. AND still have some photographic representation. Regardless of how pixelated.

How privileged I am, and how often I forget to be thankful.

Here are the 5 star photos from 2004-2005. In order.

This is the first picture I ever took with a digital camera. November 19th, 2004.

Sam fell asleep waiting for Thanksgiving dinner 2004

Some general pictures of the kids


The whole gang Christmas tree hunting

Sam with one of his two expressions.

Griffin with his cookie dough relief map (this was also our first year of home schooling)


Sam slept on a mattress on our floor until, gosh, I don't know how long. Maybe I'll figure it out when I finish my organization operation. And as always, weapon at the ready.

Hayden and Isaac in June


Isaac sporting his first mohawk.

All of them after a butterfly class, July 2005

Sam and Isaac at a birthday party

Griffin, Sam and Isaac mesmerized by the computer. Except for their sizes, this could be any given day. This one happens to be July 18, 2005.

Some retouched photos from our annual summer vacation up north. The originals are lost, but that's okay, I think these are beautiful.

Sam with his other expression.


Isaac hanging out in the garage with Daddy.

Matt and Isaac on Halloween.

Sam, again

The great Christmas Tree Search of 2005

Isaac, like his older brother, will always be fully armed.

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