Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Apparently Mannerless

There are only 12 times a year when I'm really on my game. My thinking is unclouded, I'm quick with the wit (and sarcasm if necessary) and my energy levels hit their peak. It lasts a few days and I look forward to the clarity that it brings, but sometimes am embarrassed by what my quick thinking gets me into . (It does translate into once a month for those of you who may be trying to figure it out.)

I only told you that so I could tell you this story...

I was driving Hayden to his basketball game the other day and came to an intersection at which I needed to turn right. I pulled up along side a car with it's left blinker on, checked traffic and was about to pull out when out of the corner of my eye I noticed the left turning driver leaning over his passenger yelling something at me. By his expressions I was 90% sure he was irate about something. But deep down inside, for a split second, I though maybe someone is hanging off my bumper...maybe I left my purse on the roof...maybe my jacket is hanging outside my door.

I started to roll down my window to find out what this man was saying. Somewhere during this process I realized my jacket was not hanging out the door, there was no purse on the roof and that no one had indeed grasped the bumper for a thrill ride. He was 100%, truly, pissed about something. I could have just driven away (there was no traffic) but for some reason I stayed, window down, waiting for his tirade. He fumbled with his buttons and rolled down every window but the one he had intended to, which made him even more angry.

I waited with an innocent look on my face that asked "Is something hanging on my bumper, is my purse on the roof?" even though I knew that wasn't the case. I couldn't help myself and I really did want to know what I had done that was so wrong.

He started hollering through his open window, "Don't you know you're blocking my view?"

Wow, that was it? I could have been on my way about 30 seconds ago, but now...


My manners?

"Sorry sir." I said very slowly, purposely prolonging his agony, something I normally wouldn't have done.

As I drove away, rolling up my window, I could hear him still spouting obscenities.


gbmom2407 said...

lol. you should have just sat there and "tried" to get your window up and looked both ways again and again... nice... I still love you.

Anonymous said...

monorail kitty has road rage lol


Anonymous said...

talk about 'It's all about me' Maybe he had a bad day at the office

Karen said...

My first thought was that the crazy driver was going to turn right and you were in his way! There are so many idiot drivers on the road, each in a huge hurry, wanting everyone to get out of their way.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice if he had IL plates, lol? Since we moved north, we've found way less road rage, and it's so nice :)

Anonymous said...

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