Friday, November 2, 2007

You're doing WHAT?

I've had a few people ask some very good questions on the WHY of this adventure. I'll try to address them here.

If you "google" School bus conversion you will find a myriad of websites featuring this sort of thing. That's how it started for us. Well, that and the fact that Matt doesn't want to sleep on the ground anymore when tent camping, pop-ups are too small for our family, a school bus (even with conversion costs) is thousands less than a purchased trailer of any size and I can't forget this one, "Why not?". Then there is the safety factor. According to Lyle, the 92 year old founder of Lamers Bus Lines, from whom we bought the bus, "You could roll one of these and if you could get it upright, you could probably drive it away." Matt's a huge safety nut when it comes to transportation.

Our interior plan is to have enough comfortable "seatbelted seating" and sleeping for our family. This will include a queen size bed (with possible bunk on top of that) and at least 2 sets of twin bunks. In order to get RV insurance, we need to have a working toilet and/or sink. So, we'll fit that in where we can. I've done a "walk through" and it looks like we'll have plenty of room for everything, but we won't know for sure until we purchase our seats and get them where we want them.

The laws on seatbelts are so vague and varied from state to state that we felt it important to have a good seating plan in place that will accomodate both our wants and satisfy safety requirements.

As for Lynn's specific questions... I don't think we'll be needing your old couch (but, thanks for the offer - wait, is it a hide-a-bed?), I suppose one of the kids could move out there is they promise to keep it clean, our other modes of transportation are still operational and we will continue to use them on a daily basis, I'm pretty sure it gets about 10 mpg (thereabouts) and I'm thinking that if those little old ladies can drive kids to school in it, I should not have a problem learning!

More to come.........the weekend is almost here!

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Lynn J said...

There is a section of our old secional with a pull out bed. It is yours if you want it!