Thursday, October 15, 2009


The Cross Training "Sunday School (on Wednesday)" teachers laughed when I told them that my kids weren't coming because they were quarantined.

Because they're sick?

No, because they're healthy.

And that's saying a lot these days.

Schools are closing, events are being canceled, sports events are being forfeited.

Griffin plays his last football game on Saturday and we want him to be healthy to finish the season. Unlike last year.

It may be an enormous leap to think we'll make it.


Deb said...

GO GO GO GO GO! You can do it!

Purva Brown said...

Good luck! Yes, it's true... sometimes you need to quarantine them to keep them healthy. I have a feeling Bombie hadn't been sick before her 14th month birthday because she's not been babysat very much at all.

gbmom2407 said...

I love the new header!! I hope all is well at your house. I miss you.