Thursday, December 11, 2008

Guess What I'm Getting for Christmas

On the way home from the mall this afternoon, I noticed the moon waxing full in the sky. That explains a lot. The mall, the wonder I was having a hard time coping.

Earlier this week I began to feel edgy, like the kids walls were closing in all around me. I checked the calendar and no, that wasn't it, I couldn't blame it on hormones. It must just be cabin fever. For all of us.

Today, it seemed to come to a head. The harder I tried to get away from the noise (did you know that even flailing arms seems like noise?) the louder it got. Since Thursdays are Matt's early home days I decided to call him and ask him to take me to lunch. He was more than happy to provide a listening ear for my troubles. I even asked the waitress to turn down the music which seemed to be blaring overhead. I'm usually not this sensitive, what could be wrong?

Then I saw the moon.

About 3 times a year, the fullness of the moon turns us into raving lunitics. I've kept track.

This was one of those moons.

During supper preparations Isaac was helping Griffin and I make pizza's. As we were waiting for our yeast to rise he, in all his wisdom, stated that we better not invite Abby (our friend's 14 month old) over because she might spill the glasses full of yeasty water. "Like this" he said as he stuck his finger into a glass and tipped it off the counter.


While the pizzas were baking I escaped to the bathroom for some peace. I am a least behind a closed door, not that that stops anyone, it just slows them down. I listened as things escalated once again. Louder and louder, goofier and goofier.

"Please God, just don't let anyone get hurt" I prayed.

Supper was loud. Conversation was less than edifying. Talk radio in the background, kids in my face everywhere talking, giggling, smacking each other in the heads (I'm NOT kidding).

"Did you throw up this afternoon because you're sick, or because you were running around?"
"Geez Sam, knock it off, you sound like a cat yaking."


After supper was cleaned up and the dishes were done Matt scooted them up to bed. But not before I yelled at 3 kids for playing in the vaporizer.


Sam, convinced that he needed a throw-up bowl upstairs just in case, retrieved our huge bowl from the bottom of the stack in the cupboard.

Did you know that if you drop a nestled stack of mixing bowls, they'll all shatter.


Tell me I'm not alone. You have days like this too, yes?


Anonymous said...

No I don't. Two words. Duct tape. And now it comes in a variety of colors.


HEATHER said...

Yes, I do have days like this, but the saddest part of that is I ONLY HAVE ONE FIVE YEAR OLD BOY!
The truth is five year old boys are just NOISY, LOUD, and talk way too much!!!
Hang in there!

Karen said...

December provides me with lots of similar days. The kids are so wound up with pre-holiday excitement, while I am just tired and want quiet. Hang in there!