Thursday, November 6, 2008

The "S" word

When I posted this video on YouTube regaling the issues imposed on homeschoolers by uninformed members of society*, I didn't ever think that it would travel outside my circle of friends.

I'm sure, still, in the scheme of things that this is small potatoes. But, in my corner of the world, anything with me attached to it that has been viewed this many times makes me kind of giddy. I was only a last minute replacement for my verse, saving a strapping homeschool dad from sure discomfort. (Although, he was willing and it would have been hysterical.) I didn't write it or even make it to the rehearsal. But since my daughter filmed it and my name is on the YouTube account, I feel responsible for its content. Not responsible as in "Looky What I Did". Rather responsible as in "I'm Representing Homeschoolers Here, I'd Better Remain Mature".

Receiving the comments from other homeschoolers has been fun. The issues seem to be universal. When I received a negative comment I was a little taken aback. I mean, what's someone opposed to homeschooling doing looking at homeschooling videos. Then I reminded myself that's what happens when you put yourself out there.

I don't suspect that the commenter really had a beef with homeschoolers but when cloaked with anonymity we all feel a little bolder.

While contemplating my reply, I did a little research on homeschool socialization. What a wonderful reminder to me as to why this is the perfect choice for our family. I think I may do it every year.

I do have my favorite comebacks to the "What about socialization?" question just as I have them for the inquiries as to the number of children we have. I take into consideration the asker and their true intent before I pull one from my hat, and it looks as if my children are following in my footsteps.

Hailey and Hayden were awaiting the start of a concert this summer, hanging out with a bunch of their Homies (their term for Homeschool friends) up near the stage. An exchange began between them and another group of kids in close proximity. (Yes, homeschooled kids talk to just about anyone) The conversation turned towards which group had the cooler school mascot. The Schoolies were impressed with the Eagle and commented that it was much more chic than their Polar Bear.

"Where do you go to school?" They asked.

"We're homeschooled." replied Hayden.

"Well then, HOW do you know each other?"

"Our moms lets us out the basement sometimes when it's sunny."

I appreciate his humor so much more when it's not directed at me.

*The use of this term is not meant to be offensive. By definition if you don't have all the information you're said to be uninformed. It only receives a negative connotation when those with the information refuse to make use of it.

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