Wednesday, November 12, 2008

5 Already?

This is me, 5 years ago. 7:30am. I was overdue and scheduled for an induction. I had time to do my hair even, isn't it pretty?

This is me, 5 years ago. 6:30pm. I'm sure my makeup had worn off from the rag I kept on my face to quell the nausea. And, so much for the hairdo. Labor can do that to a gal.

But, boy, did I feel better. I didn't even care that Matt was being goofy.

Can my baby really be 5?

It's been fun today rummaging through old photo albums and talking about what they remember from the day.

My mom and dad kept the kids and made a birthday cake to bring to the hospital. He was born right during their supper, and they all left it on the table and hurried to meet him. This time, when the call came there was no hint of whether it was a brother or sister, but the nurse in the hallway gave it away before they came into the room. Here they all are getting to know Isaac.

Who would have thought he'd become my lego loving, camera stealing, hand kissing, singing, goofy, loveable little boy who isn't afraid to tell his Mama she's beautiful and lovely. God knew I needed an Isaac.
I can't imagine our lives without him.

Happy Birthday.


HEATHER said...

Happy Birthday little man!
My little man was five this year too! It seems like the years have just been on fast forward! Where do they go?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! How very cool. (I have always loved your legs and that picture really showcases them beautifully!) It is so hard to believe it has really been five years. I still think of him as the "baby" and he certainly is not! I will need to get my head in line with the development of that fella!

gbmom2407 said...

FIVE really!?! I will never forget the April fools day, I told you (as a fools joke) that I was expecting, and you told me FOR REAL that you were!!! Happy birthday Isaac!!
PS that photo of you rocks Kari!! You looked great, especially for being an overdue mama.

Anonymous said...

happy happy birth-day isaac insead of sweet sixteen fantastic 5
ps that picture of isaac dose look good

Anonymous said...

Happy Late Birthday Isaac! We're glad that you were born, too!

The Jungs