Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wish Me Well...

I'm taking off in the bus today!  Me, the kids and 2 of their friends... Matt has to work but he'll be joining us on Friday.

The big kids and I had a lesson of the inner workings of the electrical system of the bus, I took meticulous notes and then subsequently lost them.  It's okay though, because, since then, most of the things changed.

The main inverter blew and Matt replaced it with a smaller one we had laying around.  (That always makes me chuckle... the things we have as "extra" that most people don't even have one of!)

I laid awake last night not being able to remember... When the generator is powering the bus, which plug goes where?  When I'm driving, do I leave the main inverter switch on?  This is important because we are camping in a field with no power, a fridge full of food, and a pregnant woman who's going to need a fan.  The forecast is for high to mid 80's, thunderstorms and high humidity for most of the 5 day event.  I got my answers this morning before Matt left for work.

Ahhhhh.  Lifest. Again.

Once I get there and get settled, all will be well.

In other news, the pregnancy is going... well?  I'm tired, but not sick anymore, which is HUGE.  The baby is growing ... well?  According to my latest ultrasound Baby B is HUGE. (Doctor's exact wording)  I'm slow moving and sleep a lot... quite like a sloth.  I'm pretty sure I failed my glucose test yesterday because when I got home from the grocery store there was a message on my machine to call the office this morning. 

Wish me well!


gbmom2407 said...

Someday, I will Lifefest it too!
So, how big is baby A if baby B is HUGE! LOL just kidding, glad to hear all is growing well.
I pray you did not fail your glucose test. That would totally stink.
Have a super time!

Wendy Jung said...

Thanks for being Nate's Mom this week!

joven said...

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SewAmy said...

Hi, my hubby installed a cool fan in our bus. it runs off the bus battery , but he ran the wires so it is above our bed in the bus. So at night when we don't have electricity , we still have that fan blowing right on us. It is heaven. We just got back from camping this weekend. I ran it for 3 whole nights and the bus still started up when it was time to go.