Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who Says You Can't Buy Anything For a Penny?

The other day, while on the way to prom decorating, the kids noticed the van acting funny.  "It's shaking really bad, and it stinks!"


It's hard enough for me to deal with our schedule down a vehicle.  Now add to the mix 2 kids with a job, a social life, and the prom only days away.


Somehow we made it through yesterday with one car, two jobs (drop off and pick up), a grocery trip, a stop at Auto Zone for a computer analysis, updo and make up appointments, pre-prom parties, pre-prom pictures, and prom. 

Today, Matt's first and foremost responsibility was to get  that car working.  When I took it in to get checked at Auto Zone, the diagnosis was "Tune up required"  "Probably just plugs and wires" the employee stated.

This morning, upon inspection by the resident Master Mechanic (have I ever mentioned that Matt can fix ANYTHING?  He's amazing!),  it was found that one spark plug wire that had been draped over the exhaust manifold was damaged.  (Causing cylinder 2 to misfire~ I feel like such a smarty pants when I talk like that)

Get this... When he went to pick up the new wire... It rang up as $.01...  ONE PENNY! 

... And I was worried that this repair was going to cut into my Book Budget for next year.


HEATHER said...

I just now noticed that you are pregnant!! Congratulations!!!

gbmom2407 said...

I want to know what auto shop you all are shopping at! That is awesome. Thanks for coming over this morning. That was a HUGE help to me, your boys are great! And it was nice to see you too... sorry you got filthy in the process!