Thursday, April 8, 2010

Con and Pro and Con

Just about everything about traveling in the bus is glorious.  The space, the ability to use the potty if needed, the access to refrigerated food, and did I mention the space?

The gas mileage is a con.  Although, when you figure in being able to stretch out to sleep without setting up a tent while you're traveling, I can overlook that.  Or the price of a hotel for the night... We wouldn't be able to travel that way.

We discovered a new con this trip.  Short term transportation.  We didn't want to drive the bus around town or to the beach, so we rented cars.  Yes, two.  They were out of large vehicles and really, it turned out to be the same(ish) price for 2 compact cars.  We were upgraded to the next level and got a PT Cruiser and a Dodge Caliber.

But the pro?  It's kind of fun driving a little car.  I don't remember the last time I've driven a car that seats less than 7.

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Wendy Jung said...

Yeah! I told you they might upgrade you! What fun cars to drive. See you soon!