Friday, September 11, 2009

Camping x 2

Yay! Camping season!

Labor day weekend we took the bus onto 40 acres in the middle of nowhere with no water and no electricity.

With the refrigerator running the whole weekend we only had to start the bus to recharge the battery twice.

We weren't sure whether or not we'd fit, but Matt guided her in beautifully. In one particular bend we slipped through with just inches to spare on each side.

The awning has been under negotiation for several weeks. Matt wanted one, I did not.

The sound of tent material flapping wildly in the wind and rain drums up some pretty nasty memories for me. Because, eventually, all tents collapse on me and all awnings fail. I didn't want to hear "cha-ching" every time we encountered weather short of sunny

We compromised and built this cheaply frugally.
PVC pipe and a tarp of standard size. I'll detail the construction more closely next time we put it up.

It drooped a little on the ends and we have since remedied that with cables running from the bus to the corners.

Matt also built removable (obviously) shelves on the side of the bus that serve us well for our outdoor kitchen.

After that excursion we dropped the kids off at home (with plenty of food, instructions and emergency numbers) and headed out ALONE for 3 days 30 minutes from home to our long awaited dreamy tropical paradise vacation.


Deb said...


Camping really does become you!

Unknown said...

Hooray! Errandabus looks Fantastic out in the elements!

as a photographer though...I would have reshot the pic of you and the tarp...

Kari said...

Ned! It's good to hear from you again. :::whispering::: Matt was taking the pictures, and that's our daughter! :::whispering::: I know what you mean, I've been waiting to get her out amongst the elements. It's very exciting.