Monday, June 29, 2009

What Do Orange Juice and Chocolate Have In Common?

When I'm at the grocery store, plowing along with my heaping overflowing cart, following my carefully detailed list, OJ and chocolate never seem important.

And then morning comes. I search for chocolate to eat while I drink my coffee. Just one tiny piece of something sweet...a cookie or perhaps a fun size Snickers...but certainly NOT a Tootsie Roll. The used to be considered "emergency chocolate" for me but now **blech** I'd go without before eating one, especially with my coffee! The kids don't even eat them. I think we still have some sitting on top of the fridge from Halloween.

Saturday, I baked Praline Bars with graham crackers, butter, brown sugar and pecans to satisfy my sweet tooth. Yesterday, I considered just spooning in some brown sugar into the kisser, but found a single, solitary, Hershey Kiss in a Christmas tin in the cupboard.

That's all it takes, just a tiny bit of sweetness to make my day.

I felt like kicking someone for not buying chocolate, but that would have been me, and I'm not quite fond of pain.

And then there's orange juice. Never, when I'm in the store do I consider buying OJ. It would take a special trip down an aisle I usually forgo. After I stack the 5 frozen Orv's pizza's in my cart, I skip right on over to the health food section completely skipping the ice cream, popcicle, frozen juice, and eventually soda aisles.

I shouldn't say "never". Sometimes I weigh the importance of getting out the the store as quickly as possible and my craving for juice. At this point in my escapade, I've just about had it. Already, visions of the total on the receipt are slapping me in the face, not to mention I've probably got a squeaky wheel on my cart, or worse yet, the one that sticks causing the whole contraption to veer left into oncoming traffic.

Getting outa there usually wins.

But then I make eggs for breakfast and agonize over not having purchased orange juice at the store. Then, breakfast would have been complete.

So, yesterday after church, home make egg mc muffins were on the menu. With no orange juice. I lamented about the situation...

and went to Wal-Mart to buy chocolate and orange juice.

In the candy aisle, I was frozen by the choices. Do I want Dove or Ghirardelli, Reece's or M&M's?

"Just close your eyes and grab" I told myself. " You won't care in the long as it's sweet, you'll be happy."

I know the chocolate will be there until I finish it off, the kids know they're not allowed to eat it without asking. The OJ, I'm not sure...I think it should be saved for breakfasts containing eggs, but some people in the house think it can be made whenever.

No one's up yet...I'm going to have breakfast!


HEATHER said...

Grocery shopping just kills me! Seriously, I have fibromyalgia and I am so worn out from shopping, I'm lucky to be able to drive home, so I totally get where you are coming from. Home made egg mcmuffins sounds delish!

Janell said...

Now I want some chocolate :)

Karen said...

I usually don't buy juice. In the last two months we've gotten back into the juice habit. It kills me to spend so much money on juice. Buying frozen juice, I'm spending $15 a week for one juice meal a day. The other down-side is the sticky counters and floors when the juice is spilled by small hands getting a second glass. Maybe it's time to return to water as our chief beverage!

Kari said...

Juice IS pricey! And just so you all know...Sam spilled the last of it this morning. I had it for breakfast ONCE!!!

I'm going to hide it next time.


Anonymous said...

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