Saturday, July 30, 2011

Do Hard Things.

On the way to the soccer tournament this morning Hayden asked me, "What if I asked to play goalie today?".

"What?!?!?! No way!" was the first thing that escaped my mouth thinking he was kidding.

I made it through my entire educational career with only one formal speech under my belt.  I don't know how I weaseled out of them.  I think I feigned sickness and took the "F" once, probably didn't take classes that required them... 

That's pretty much how Hayden has avoided the goalie position for the last 13 years.

"Well, it all depends on who we play... it's my last day, and if we're really far ahead... Maybe I'll give it a shot."

He played his usual defensive position for all but the last 10 minutes of the game... they were down 3-0. 

From the sidelines I saw him donning the long sleeved green and black striped goalie shirt.  I fumbled for my video camera.  Ramona started crying.  I opted to watch instead of film.

So, with Ramona bawling on my hip and me pacing the sidelines the game commenced with him in the goal.

It wasn't pretty... In fact, their first drive on goal ended in Hayden picking up the ball out of the box and being called for handling.  Then shortly after, they scored on him.  He made a valiant dive to try to block it though.  The ball never made it in his vicinity again.

He was smiling when it was over.  He had given it a shot and had failed.  Twice. 

But he was still smiling.

I was proud. And inspired.

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