Saturday, April 18, 2009


Since the crash of our beloved hard drive (which I have been referring to BHDC - before hard drive crash), I've been feeling sorry for myself. Moping around, focusing all my creative energy into rebuilding what we had lost. (re-) Finding websites and widgets we used daily, racking my brain trying to remember what it was that my computer did automatically each day, scrounging for things to sell to finance our external hard drive purchase, and of course crying over my lost pictures.

Well, maybe I haven't been that pathetic.

I have realized though, that a big chunk of what is now gone had actually been a burden to me. Even though they didn't take up space like the clutter on my cupboards, the files containing e-books, digital media, lesson plans... were always there, taunting me, tempting me, mocking my ability to use them now or put them in the trash. The someday I saved them for would probably never have come anyway. So, now they're gone, and I am breathing freely most of the time.

The blank slate that used to contain too much, now contains only the necessities and I sort of like it.

I do wish I had my pictures though.

Maybe I am that pathetic.

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Anonymous said...

I probably have a significant number of your lost pictures saved on my PC. We need to check soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kari...just stopping by to say "HI". Enjoy the day! Sandy